Ambrose Wilson – Pay Monthly

If you can shop and pay monthly for the goods you purchase, that is as good as it gets. The cash situation is not in the best shape for many shoppers and paying for goods in an easy way is a relief for many. Thanks to Ambrose Wilson, you can pick goods and make your payments in easy monthly installments that make your shopping affordable. This catalogue has much to offer in fashion and home items. Women and men clothing, footwear, garden equipment, electronics, health and beauty items and gifts are all on offer on this catalogue. Picking these goods at fair prices makes shopping an experience to look forward to and not dread.

Opening an account
To be able to do pay monthly catalogue shopping at Ambrose Wilson, you have to have a personal account. Opening this account is open for anyone who is over 18 years and has a valid address. With this account you can do credit purchases for which you pay at the end of the month. The account has a monthly statement that indicates how much you bought, how much you owe and when it is due. Account holders are also eligible for many exclusive offers and discounts.

How pay monthly works
If you would like to make a certain purchase but do not have the cash to pay upfront, you can talk to the sales team for an agreement. You can pick the item on credit and pay in monthly installments. The period of payment depends on the amount in question. Some items can be paid for in up to two years. An annual interest rate applies to the initial purchase. If you purchase an item on credit that costs £500 and you intend to pay in 24 months, your Ambrose Wilson pay monthly arrangement will come to about £30 per month. That is affordable.