Fashion World – Pay Monthly Catalogue

It would be fun to pick fashion items and pay monthly for them. Good fashion especially high street brands cost a bit. At Fashion world you can pick the items on your wish list and pay in easy terms if you cannot afford the cash upfront. Apart from fashion, the catalogue has more to offer. Swimwear, lingerie, footwear, home and garden items, electronics, health and beauty items are available. This means you can pick a beautiful dress from your favourite designer and a DVD to go with it. If you cannot afford both of them, you can work out an arrangement to pay in easy monthly installments.

Personal account at Fashion World
The pay monthly catalogue shopping at Fashion World is possible if you have a personal account. This account is for anyone over 18 years and with a valid address. With this account, all your credit purchases are recorded. The amount you purchase, how much you pay and the balance are indicated on the monthly statement issued after every 28 days. The date due is also shown and failure to clear the balance attracts a penalty. Holders of a Fashion World personal account are also eligible for many offers and discounts that are exclusive to account holders.

Pay monthly at Fashion World
If you cannot afford an item that you cannot afford an item but really want it, you can always work out a monthly payment arrangement. This Fashion World pay monthly arrangement allows you to make affordable installments over a period of time. The payment period is usually 24 months with a variable annual percentage rate (APR) of 39.9%. If you pick an item worth £500 for example and would like to repay in 24 months, the monthly payment works out to about £30. This is more affordable than the original cost and is easy on the pocket.