Pay monthly options at isme bring affordability for the items in the catalogue. Isme is one of the widest catalogues for fashion and home items. There are clothes for men, women, and children. You can also get furniture, home textiles, garden equipment, kitchen appliances, and entertainment electronics, gifts, and jewellery, health and beauty items. You can pick up a maxi dress and a sofa set on one shopping spree. Doing cash payments on high end furniture and electronics is costly at times and unaffordable. Isme allows you to pay for the items on easy credit terms.

Personal account at Isme
Isme allows you to open a personal account called options account. You can enjoy pay monthly catalogue shopping with this account. With a valid ID and address you are able to open this options account. Purchases made through this account can be paid for at the end of the month or every 28 days. An account statement is generated at the end of each month detailing the purchases made, payments cleared and the balance due. With an options account you can also enjoy exclusive offers and discounts at isme.

Paying monthly with Isme
With an options account at isme you can work out a credit payment. This isme pay monthly arrangement allows you to make payments over a period of up to 24 months. The balance on the purchase attracts a typical 39.7% variable APR. A late payment credit charge is also applicable. An Apple MacBook Pro is going for £999 cash for example. If you would like to spread the payments over 18 months, you get to pay around £66 per month. The total credit payment amounts to around £1255. This arrangement clearly shows that you can easily afford items on the isme catalogue. Shopping for great items comes within reach.