Pay monthly arrangements at Julipa catalogue give you affordability of genuine British fashion. This catalogue offers branded fashion that is fit for royalty as they claim. Shopping for good fashion costs money and with the times being hard, less affordable. If you really want an item at Julipa or have had it on your wish list for long, you can buy it on credit. The Julipa catalogue is full of fashion and home items. Clothing, footwear, health and beauty items, electronics and gifts are all available. You can shop for your electronics and shoes at affordable prices.

Personal account at Julipa
The pay monthly arrangement only works if you have a personal account at Julipa. With a valid ID and address, you are eligible for the account after a credit check. This personal account lets you do credit purchases and pay for them at the end of each month. The monthly statement issued indicates the purchases made, any payments done, the balance and when it is due. You can do your shopping at ease and make the payments at the end of the month. There are many advantages of being a personal account holder chief among them being that you enjoy lots of exclusive offers and discounts.

Pay monthly with Julipa
Julipa pay monthly arrangement gives you the shopper the allowance to make your payments over a period of time in monthly instalments. The minimum monthly payment that can be done is 1/12th of the cost of the item or £5 whichever is higher. The balance also attracts an interest rate of 39.9% variable Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The balance also attracts penalty if not cleared on the due date. The credit charge is £2.83. A purchase price of £500 spread over 24 months attracting 39.9%, will amount to around £30.