Naturally Close – Catalogue Review

Naturally Close aims to offer you sexy lingerie and swimwear that compliments your curves and supports your body. As such, they offer a bra guide and a bra glossary to help you find the fit you need and know all you need to know about your bra shopping decisions. Naturally Close also offers a wide selection of K cup bras and L cup bras to accommodate plus size needs. Naturally Close focuses on offering fashionable bra choices in a size range that does not always prioritise style.

Naturally close also has a number of brand sections of the website, so that those who are brand loyal can get right to the lingerie that they want. Hot brands like Changes by Together, Gossard, and Eve are offered in these comprehensive selections. Naturally close even offers shapewear and controllerwear in order to control your figure and complement your figure.

In addition, Naturally Close offers:

  1. Nightwear
  2. Swimwear
  3. Womenswear
  4. Footwear
  5. Menswear
  6. Home and garden
  7. Electricals

Spread the cost for your curves
Naturally close lets you spread the cost and pay on a pay-montly basis, giving you the freedom to compliment your curves at a price you can afford. Customers can spread the cost by establishing a Personal Account with Naturally Close. With a personal account, customers will make themselves eligible to buy items on credit from Naturally Close. For your convenience, your Personal Account will also work with websites like Marisota, Jacamo, and Fashion World. You can even continue your shopping adventure on these websites, and your shopping bag goes with you.

Regarding spreading the cost, upon receipt of your credit application, Naturally Close will review your credit history and other relevant personal details in order to determine you’re the interest rates on your payments and your credit limit. The interest rate represents how much you will be paying in addition to the cash value of items you buy under the spread the cost pay monthly program. Customers with more unfavorable credit histories will be charged higher interest rates, whereas those who make their payments on time and are in good standing with their debtors will be able to spread the cost at a much lower interest rate.

Shoppers will only be able to spread the cost if they can make the minimum monthly payment every 28 days. During this time period, Naturally Close send you a statement by post that details:

  1. What items they have sent you
  2. The payments you’ve made during the period
  3. Any outstanding balance
  4. Your minimum payment
  5. the date your payment is due

The minimum payment will either be 1/12th of the cash value of the items you have ordered from naturally close, or 5 pounds, depending on which is greater. In addition, Naturally Close reserves the right to vary the interest rate that you pay on your spread the cost monthly payment program. This means that the interest rate may go up or down, depending on a number of factors. They will notify you within 21 days if this happens.