Simply Yours – Catalogue Review

Simply Yours specializes in sexy lingerie products that complement a taste for the sensual and daring. They are specialists in all things lingerie, and the comprehensive experience that their website provides reflects this. Their website features online exclusive content that you won’t find in print, including lingerie fashion tips, size guides, videos, social buzz news, fashion news, and much more. There is also a bra fitting guide available for shoppers, detailing everything from measuring bras to trying on tips to style guides and bra care tips. The website also links you to their facebook and twitter accounts, and features a section exclusively devoted to shopping tips and basic instructions on how to wear their products in style.

Simply yours stocks items such as:

  1. Lingerie
  2. Shapewear
  3. Nightwear
  4. Swimwear

Fashion products
In addition, Simply Yours offers a section of their website exclusively devoted to catalouing brands that it has an exclusive store for. That is, there is an entire store for each specific brand within the Simply Yours website. Hot labels such as Gok Wan, Lepel, Freya, Wonderbra, and Ava Loves are represented.

The site also features a New In section that keeps you up on all the latest items and fashions that Simply Yours is offering. Finally, an Offers section also graces the masthead of this sexy site, offering you great deals on appealing items, such as 21.50 pounds off a swim dress and other great savings.

Spread the cost to satisfy your desires
Simply yours understands the needs of women, and offers the convenient spread the cost program to allow you to afford the lingerie you need at a monthly payment you can sustain. In the event that you are strapped for cash, or the holidays are straining your budget, you can apply for credit with this online store and buy items at a rate of interest to be determined by your credit score. Shoppers will need to submit a credit application to Simply Yours in order to apply for a Personal Account, through which your transactions with Simply Yours will be handled. The primary means by which you will tally track your balance with Simply Yours and make payments is the monthly statement, sent out every 28 days. This monthly statement will detail:

  1. The items you have been sent
  2. The payments you’ve made during the period
  3. Your outstanding balance
  4. Your minimum payment
  5. The date your payment is due

The minimum payment you must make every month is either 1/12th of the cash value off your order, or 5 pounds, whichever is greater. The rate of interest that Simply Yours charges is 34.1% per annum variable. However, the specific rate of interest that Simnply Yours assigns you will depend on your credit score and other information on your credit report. If your credit rating is good, then your interest rate may be lower. However, if it is not favorable your interst rate may be higher, and your credit limit will be lower, meaning that you will not be able to buy as much from the store on credit.