Catalogues that have pay monthly options

Catalogues come with many convenient options to suit the needs of the variety of customers. Some catalogues allow the option to buy and spread the cost of the purchase over a certain period of months. Below is a list of catalogues that provide the pay monthly option.

  • Very:  This store offers options to pay over three months interest free or to pay monthly. It also offers a 10% discount upon opening an account with them with accredit limit of £1000.
  • Littlewoods:  It offers pay monthly options for over 2, 3 years on items like toys, furniture etc. It offers a credit limit of £750.
  • Fashion World: This fashion store allows customers to pay online or by phone the monthly payments spread over 12 months or minimum charge of £5, whichever is greater. The minimum payment will reduce upon the timely payment of monthly instalments.
  • Julipa:  If paid within 28 days, this store offers interest free charges. And consumers can pay the instalments spread over 12 months.
  • K&CO:  They allow payments for some items for even 5 years, but typically, monthly instalments spread over 2, 3 years is offered.  Credit limit offered is £750.
  • JD Williams: It also offers many easy modes of payment and a minimum $100 credit. The payments are monthly.
  • That’s my style:  It offers monthly payments for women’s fashion amongst a host of quick payment options available for account holders.
  • Isme:  With a £1000 credit limit, it offers a buy now pay monthly option.
  • Jacamo:  Consumers can pay monthly for 12 months, for men’s clothing.