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March 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Admin in Pay Monthly Catalogues

Pay monthly sofas from the DFS catalogue. A great deal of time at home is spent on the sofa. You watch TV from it, relax with friends and family and generally have a good time on it. Buying a sofa should then be a carefully done affair. A good sofa will cost quite a bit but it is a good investment. At DFS there are great sofas on offer and at very good prices. Starting at £299, you can get yourself a very good sofa and spread the cost by paying monthly or weekly. The store gives you the option of buying it on credit terms which is really fair as there is no interest on it.

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DFS overview
The DFS catalogue is a UK furniture dealer offering sofas, beds, chairs, dining furniture and assorted furniture items. They have over 85 stores across the UK and 3 factories. There is a team of in house furniture designers and a shopper can get a custom design if he wants. The main item on offer is the sofa. They have all kinds of sofas; fabric, leather, sofa beds, recliners and even corner sofas. You can get any shape of sofa and any kind of covering on it depending on the budget. DFS offers a 10 year guarantee on its sofas. There are also great discounts from time to time with the present being the double savings offer.

Interest free credit
A good quality sofa that will offer good years of comfort and service will no doubt cost you. The DFS catalogue is able to offer their customers credit terms on purchases. One can buy a sofa on credit spread over up to 4 years with a pay monthly deal. Buying on credit gives the shopper some leeway if the budget was not that accommodating. Credit gives affordability on otherwise expensive items. A good sofa can go for as much as £1500. This maybe much to pay at one go but when spread over 4 years monthly payments can be as low as £32 per month. That is more affordable to many shoppers. This is interest free which makes it really attractive. Unlike some other dealers offering this deal, DFS does not require a deposit. This is for anyone whether ordering direct or from the store. To make the deal even better you can opt to pay nothing in the first year. This is unbeatable as other dealers will have an interest applying to the balance after some time and offer less time in interest free credit.

Other dealers
There are other furniture dealers that offer interest free credit on sofa deals. At Harvey’s furniture, they give up to 48 months interest free credit. At Designer sofas 4u the period is 1 year while at Ideal Home Store it is 2 years. Many dealers offering interest free credit will require a deposit typically being 10% of the item’s price. The terms of credit payments are what set the dealers apart. Some dealers have Annual Percentage Rates (APR) of up to 15%. When shopping for a sofa it really pays to look into the fine print of the credit agreement.

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