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April 26th, 2012 | Posted by Admin in Pay Monthly Catalogues

If you are a senior citizen looking for good fashion, you can now buy and pay monthly for it at Fifty Plus. This catalogue gives shoppers of a more mature age a variety in fashion and home items. This catalogue has the senior shoppers in mind. If you are in that age bracket and feel that getting the right clothes is sometimes difficult, this catalogue has all you need in terms of fashion and home needs. The good news is that if you cannot afford to pay for the shopping in cash, you can reach an arrangement with the sales team for payment in easy monthly instalments. This means you can afford more.

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Personal account at Fifty plus
For your pay monthly catalogue shopping to work, you have to open a personal account with Fifty Plus. This account will record all your purchases, how much is paid on them and how much is due. The account has a statement generated at the end of each month stating when the balance is due. All you need to open this account is a valid address. This account gives you a lot of options in payments. You can spread the cost on purchases knowing well that payments are needed at the end of the month.

How pay monthly works
If the item you want to pick is expensive and you do not have the cash, the Fifty Plus pay monthly arrangement can always be worked out. This arrangement allows you to set the period of repayment and states the amount you have to pay monthly. The initial purchase cost attracts interest which is set at 39.9% variable APR. The minimum payable per month is 1/12th of the purchase price or £5 whichever is higher. A cost price of £500 payable in 24 months will cost you £30 per month for example.

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