If you are a big guy, you can pay monthly for your fashion shopping at Jacamo. This catalogue for big and outsize men has a lot to offer in terms of men clothing and fashion. If you are a big guy having difficulties in shopping for clothing items, this is the catalogue to look at. Chest sizes 36-66 inches, waists sizes 34-62 inches and trouser legs 27-36 inches can all be found on the catalogue. Even suits with chest sizes up to 60 inches and t-shirts sizes 5XL are available. The good thing is that these items can be had for affordable credit terms.

Personal account at Jacamo
You can do pay monthly catalogue shopping if you hold a personal account at Jacamo. This account can be opened if you have a valid ID and address. With this account, you pick items and pay for them at the end of the month. The statement for the account is issued every 28 days. The items purchased, amount paid, and balance due are all indicated on the statement. You can then clear the whole amount or continue paying in monthly instalments. This personal account also gives chances to enjoy offers and discounts.

Jacamo Pay Monthly Plan
Some items maybe too costly to pay in cash especially designer labels. The Jacamo pay monthly arrangement gives you a chance to pay the amount over a period of up to 24 months. The balance attracts an interest of 39.9% variable APR. Late payment also attracts a credit charge of £2.83. The minimum payment done is 1/12th of the cost price or £5. If you purchase an item that costs £600 and would like to pay for it over 24 months at 39.9%, the monthly payments are around £36. The total amount paid over the two years comes to around £880.