Premier Man Catalogue Review

December 21st, 2011 | Posted by Admin in Pay Monthly Catalogues

Premier Man offers stylish mens’s clothing, nightwear and underwear, sportswear, womenswear, home products, electricals, and Christmas gifts at reasonable prices. Making the prices even mnore reasonable is their spread the cost program that allows you to spread your payments for whateer items you are purchasing over a period of months. Premier Man offers a representative 39.9% APR variable, and they allow you to fully manage your account online. Interest rates for monthly payments may vary according to individual credit history.

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In order to spread the cost on a monthly basis and pay on credit, customers must open a Personal Account with Premier Man. In order to open a Persona Account, you will send a credit application that will make Premier Man aware of your credit history, and othe relevant personal details. If your application is accepted you will be free to pay monthly via your personal monthly statement that Premier Man sends out every 28 days. On this statement, your minimum payment due date will be specified, along with the amount of your minimum payment.

Your statement also details:

  1. Items you’ve ordered from the store
  2. Your full balance
  3. The payments you’ve made
  4. Your outstanding balance
  5. The payments you’ve made during the period

Your minimum payment is determined according to a simple formula. It is either 1/12 of the cash value of the goods and services that you have on your balance, or 5 pounds, depending on which is greater. If this minimum payment is made regularly and you are an established customer, your minimum monthly payment may be reduced to as little as 5 % of your outstanding balance. Not making your minimum payment may have severe consequences—your credit rating will be negatively affected, and you may have a court order ordered against you. The debt on your house may be resecured, and your house may be reposseseed. So, it is obvious that shoppers should strive to remain timely with their payments to Premier Man. Paying on a timely basis will improve your credit standing with the store, and may lower your monthly interest rates.

Easy shopping with convenience
In addition to spread the cost, Premier Man offers options to make your shopping experience pleasant and convenient. They offer courier delivery to your home, and also next day delivery at the low cost of 3.99 pounds. They also offer a 14-day home trial with easy returns, by which you can try the item out at home over a period of 14 day, and send it back easily if you do not like the product.
In addition, Premier Man offers numerous attractive deals every week. A simple visit to their homepage presents an abundance of great deals right at the front, including shirts from 6 pounds, trousers from 10 pounds, jumpers from 10 pounds, and jeans from 20 pounds. Premier Man prides itself on offering over 100 itmes for 15 pounds or less. They also offer a wide range of mens sizes to suit gentlemen of every size.

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