When ordering from the chic, popular catalogues, such as Very, paying for your purchases is easy. With this hip department store, which stocks a wide array of products from clothing to electronics, customers have the option to set up a credit account. This account allows customers the option to order things as they need them without having to wait to have the money to pay in full. This is particularly nice for those wanting or needing to furnish their house, but do not want to have to wait to have all of the money up front. Buying on credit allows customers to pay monthly. The Very catalogue, like other pay monthly catalogues, is beneficial to customers wishing to spread out their payments.

Paying monthly on credit is convenient for customers. Spreading the payments out allows the customer to only have to worry about paying a minimum balance each month. With the Very company, this minimum balance is set at 5 euros a month or 7% of the account balance, whichever is higher. If an account balance is less than 5 euros, the customer will be expected to pay the balance in full. Of course, customers will always have the option to pay more than the minimum balance as they like. By doing so, this may cut back on the interest rate of the balance.

Very’s Buy Now Pay Later option allows you to have the products you want now without having to pay anything until 2013. This promotion is only available on order of 100 euros or more. When customers have an order at or over 100 euros, they can take advantage of this offer by clicking the Buy Now Pay Later button on the checkout screen or by entering the code 22X4L in the promotions box on the payment screen. Customers can then avoid paying any interest in their balance by paing the cash price in full before the end of the payment free period. Customers also have the option to delay payments until after the payment free period by putting the cost on their Very account. This action; however, will result in interest being added from the date of purchase. This interest will not show on the account until the first statement after the payment free period has ended.

The promotions of buy now pay nothing for 6 months or more are becoming a popular way of inviting customers into stores and purchasing products. In an economy where customers are in need of various things, such as furniture and clothing, it is important for them to be able to have these things immediately without having to worry to save up the money to pay for it first. Deferring these payments allow for customers to immediately receive their goods while having at least 6 months to save up to pay for them without having to worry about paying interest, as well. Giving customers this beneficial option is likely to build customer satisfaction and keep customers coming back to purchase, as is seen with those many customers who are loyal buyers from the Very catalogue.